Youjo Senki (The Saga of Tanya the Evil)

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

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Youjo Senki (The Saga of Tonya the Evil)


After being downplayed, under rated and ignored due to the injection of looney political correctness politics by the political activists of Crunchyroll, who felt the need to trash this anime because they felt it wasn't politically correct and it hurt their feels because it wasn't pushing a political narrative we decided to give some well earned attention to our favorite Psycho Loli. We have covered this in our "Why we hate Crunchyroll post" if you want to know more about what they are doing to destroy anime.

This story follows the life and reincarnation of a Japanese salaryman, who is looking for an easy life by strictly following the rules of his job. Unfortunately for him, a disgruntled recently fired employee decided to end his life by pushing him off the dock into the path of an oncoming train.

The salaryman's life ends there, goals not reached. God takes pity on him and asks him if he has faith in God to which he replies that people only have faith in God when they are in dire straits. God, decides to put that theory to the test. The salaryman is reincarnated into a world similar to Pre-World War I Germany, with the exception that magic does exist in this world. Much to his surprise, he is reincarnated as a infant girl. As he grows he accepts his path as Tanya Degurechaff, and uses the knowledge of his previous life to accelerate her path to the easy life. Much to her dismay, World War I is just beginning while she is still a child. Being an alternate reality, she enlists in the Army, having a very high magic skill she is accepted.

Tonya embodies everything we love about lolis. She is mean, heartless, cunning and possesses a very high aptitude of magic. It has tons of action, comedy and a sense of predictability (following a similar path of World War I). This anime was snubbed by Crunchyroll (probably due to the violent German aspect). We thought it was great. We loved the dialog between her and God (which provided us with many laughs). It is not often that we get an anime where the main character is a bad person, let alone a loli. Despite the Crunchyroll dis, Youjo Senki was well received by fans worldwide. We put it in our top 5 of last year. The opening, Jingo Jungle, is provided by Myth and Roid and the ending, Los! Los! Los!, is sung by the actress that portrays Tanya, Aoi Yuuki and has lyrics that fit the anime perfectly (similar to the ending of Overlord season 1). We hope to see a continuation of the story, despite knowing how the history ends. (If a second season is coming, we will let you know) So, if you are looking for a cool anime with a vicious psycho loli, give Youjo Senki a look. You will enjoy it.