Winter Lineup (2019)

Kemono Friends 2

We have updated the upcoming anime page with the Winter 2019 Lineup. Some great anime make a comeback, while others get second and third seasons. We get to see our favorite psycho loli make an appearance in her first movie. We also get to see Kemono Friends and Mob Psycho 100 return for their second season. Even Date A Live will make a return with their third season. Not to mention the Resurrection of Lelouch and Psycho Pass getting movies as well.

code geass wallpaper
Lelouch of the Resurrection

As a primer for the upcoming third season of Date A Live, we have added Date A Live: Mayuri Judgment to our Live Stream Events channel. As soon as we obtain the upcoming movies we will post them to the Live Stream Events channel. Feel free to tell us which anime are you looking forward to next season.