Why we HATE Crunchyroll

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

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Crunchyroll SUCKS!

Well, I guess this post is LONG overdue. Let's start with the obvious, Crunchyroll CHARGES a fee for what should be free. The anime they provide can be found on sites like gogoanime and kissanime for free. Now, for the not so obvious. Did you see the Crunchyroll anime awards? Did you notice how year after year anime and manga you have never heard of were nominated and end up winning awards? So did we. So we took a look into what was nominated and realized that Crunchroll broke the GOLDEN rule. Don't bring your politics to what people use to escape from that crap. This past awards show saw anime like Ousama Game (so popular it was a movie, then an anime) with the coolest opening of the season : "Feed the Fire by Coldrain"(available on our site), get snubbed. Or widely popular anime like Youjo Senki get minimal coverage (because Crunchroll didn't like the Tonya character and felt the anime went against their political beliefs). Youjo Senki received a token nomination to give the illusion that it was fan choice. Yet LGBT anime are promoted and awarded even though they were essentially unheard of. We have NO problem with a gay anime winning awards, if the FANS thought so. This is why Hollywood award shows have been suffering dismal ratings. Because they turned the show into an elitist political platform.

When I inquired about the political push in their awards I was told "we use our platform to promote our global ideology and anime that promote our political beliefs". Which is their right, but people don't visit Crunchyroll to get a dose of politics (and PAY for it). They want to view anime. Instead they saw anime and manga they liked kicked to the side in favor of "My Uncle and his husband" and "My life as a lesbian". Don't be fooled by their slick advertising and hidden agenda. NO ONE should be paying Crunchyroll to view anime they could see for free on other sites. They have a "who cares what you think" attitude about their nominations and awards, which goes against fan choice award shows. They are nothing more than a political platform for idiots to push their ideology on anime fans and each year the awards (and nominations) get more and more political and their bias becomes apparent.

We use gogoanime and kissanime for viewing the newest episodes available, gogoanime releases new episodes hours after it has aired in Japan. Many naysayers will complain of popups from both sites, which can be blocked on computers and closed out on mobile devices. When you compare either site to Crunchyroll, they win easily. I'd rather close a popup or block it, rather than paying for a dose of politics. We are currently seeking a way to legally stream anime from our website without copyright infringement, because we believe the best way to promote anime is to let people view it for free. We will never charge for anime viewing on our website, although we will be expanding to sales of anime in the future.

So, bottom line is, when you are looking for a website to view anime, DON'T waste your money on Crunchyroll. There are MANY sites that stream anime for FREE. We only use Gogoanime and Kissanime, but there are many more out there. So save your money, support local sites and if your REALLY like an anime, buy a copy (so the money goes back to the studios). Don't waste money on a Crunchyroll membership for their political ideology.

At the end of the year, WE will have OUR own awards show and will post nominations of what fans think is popular. We will guarantee that our awards will be with anime and manga you have heard of, and WON'T charge you to watch. Tune in around January 1 for our nominations.

Thanks, as always, for your support,

Dewlso - OWNER Meganime