We Never Learn (BokuBen) - Generic Harem or Something More?

The Spring 2019 season is in full bloom, and with that all the shows have gotten pretty deep into their run. 'Attack on Titan' finally started up again, 'Shield Hero' is in its second cour, and 'JoJo' is ending in nine episodes. However, it's clear that this season has not been as hype as the previous one. With the lackluster performance of 'One Punch Man S2' it's clear that while this season doesn't have the star power of the previous one, which had 'The Promised Neverland', 'Kaguya-sama', 'Dororo' and 'Mob Psycho', there are still a lot of really good shows, and one of these is 'Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai', otherwise known as 'We Never Learn'.

I guess it's kind of funny that the first show I covered on here was 'Gotoubun no Hanayome', which has a suprisingly similar premise to this. Yuiga was a below average student who never really managed to get good grades. However, through the years he has dedicated himself to studying, and he has managed to get consistent 80/100 scores. He might not be especially great at one particular subject, but his strength lies in his well roundedness. Enter Fumino and Rizu, the star students of the school. Fumino is unmatched in her writing, however she sucks at math. Rizu is unmatched in her math, however she sucks at writing. They've been attempting to get tutoring for the subjects they want to improve upon, however it's not been easy for them. Then one day, Yuiga, hoping to get into a good school because of his family's poor financial situation, gets an offer from the Student council. Tutor Rizu and Fumino, and he'll get all his future tuition fees covered by the school.

In that, it's really similar to Gotoubon, however it's still really distinct. There are two less girls in this show, and would you have guessed, they're distinct from each other in their designs! The voice acting is... okay. I woudn't call it mediocore, but it's not Psycho Pass or Evangelion. Still, it's not bad, so I guess that's a plus. The visuals and animation lean more towards a 5/10, though they are passable. The background art is unremarkable, though I've seen far, far worse. Apart from that, the OST is fairly standard high school anime. I didn't once feel like I wanted to go look for any of the songs, and I honestly can't remember a single one. The OP and ED are a little better, but not by much, they're fairly standard as well.

I'm going to be honest, there's not a lot to say about this show. It's a harem, and it's got some cute girls, though none of them really stand out apart from the teacher. There's a bit of ecchi and a few lewd scenes, but those are unremarkable as well. This kind of feels like the anime equivalent to a bag of seasalt potato chips. It tastes good, though you feel like you need a glass of water immediately afterwards, and you're going to forget that you ate it the hour after. Basically, it's a fairly bog standard seasonal. It might be