Vinland Saga

Updated: Jan 17

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Vinland Saga

As the summer season begins the first anime that caught my eye was Vinland Saga. Vikings, Wit Studio... how could they go wrong. They don't. This anime is well rounded with action, suspense, drama and a bit of history. Based off of the manga written and drawn by award-winning manga author Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga follows Thorsfinn, son of the Viking Hero Thors Snorreson. The anime starts a bit earlier than the timeline in the manga, with Thorsfinn still a 6 year old child.

Spoiler Alert: (Information from the first 3 episodes)

Vinland Saga

Right from the start of the anime we go from a dream to a battle in which Thors easily kills many Vikings. After falling into the water, following another Viking he is fighting, Thors kills the man and escapes the battle in an attempt to fake his own death. Many years later Thors and his family live in Iceland, far from the Danish King and Viking armies. His past comes back to haunt him though when a Viking warship comes to the shore of his village. Floki, a member of the Jomsviking army, has been sent by the king to demand Thors return to command the army in a battle against England. Thors is reluctant, having a family now he no longer has the hunger for war. Floki hints that if Thors does not agree the village will pay the price. Thors agrees. What Thors doesn't know is Floki has hired pirates to kill him before reaching Denmark.

This anime really impressed us. Once again Wit studio has the right mix of drama, action and suspense to keep us glued in. This will be one to beat this season for sure.