Val x Love

Val x Love (Natsuki)

This anime has its fair share of fanservice, although not as over the top as others. This does not detract from the story though. Akutsu Takuma is far from your average high school student. Many students fear him because of his size and the constant look of anger he expresses. When he attempts to interact with his classmates, it results in students jumping out of the window in fear of him. He uses these instances as a reminder of why he is better off being alone. Until one day he comes home to find 9 women in his house. Little does he know these are the legendary 9 Valkyries Odin has given to him to fight the recent outbreak of demons in the world. These Valkyries are fueled by love and intimacy, thus the fanservice.

Val x Love

Val x Love is based off of the manga by Ryousuke Asakura, serialized in Square Enix's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan since December 2015. It is licensed in North America by Yen Press and has been released in eight tankōbon volumes. We can't overlook the popularity due to the fanservice but also enjoy how the story incorporates Norse mythology into the plot. If you're looking for fanservice this season, there are other anime but this one does push the envelop more than others. We will be watching this all season to see if the 9 Valkyries help Akutsu defeat the demons, also for the loads of GIFs this anime promises.