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We are continuing improve our website for the anime fans, adding live stream anime and anime movies to our video library. Our goal is to build a one stop website for anime fans, which includes adding anime products for sale. These steps are costly, this is why it is a slow process and why we ask for donations, but we want to thank our members and followers for their patience as we make the Meganime website a better experience for everyone. Which leads us to these questions : What features do you want to see on the website? What products would you like to purchase (DVD, Blu Ray, clothing, chibi figures etc.)?

As we build the site, we are trying to find answers to these questions, but only YOU, the members and followers can answer. Your input will lead to improvements.

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Splaturdays (October)

As the fall season begins, our favorite time of the year approaches! Followers of our original Facebook page will remember, Splaturdays!

Next month (October) we will be posting various horror anime clips, episodes, memes, music to the site each Saturday for the entire month.

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Yama-con 2018

We are also preparing to attend our first anime convention, Yama-con (Pigeon Forge, TN November 30 - December 2) where we will be giving away free Meganime swag and spreading the word about our website and mission to be the one stop source for anime fans.

So YOUR help is needed and necessary to make our site the best for anime fans. So feel free to email the site Meganime@protonmail.com or the owner Deweyoverholt@protonmail.com and tell us what you want to see in merchandise and what improvements you would like to see to the site in general.

We deeply appreciate suggestions, advice, donations and would like to say Thank You for your patience and support. Please help our site grow by spreading the word. Membership is free, and always will be. It also give you access to our growing video library, memes, music and forums.

So we look forward to Splaturdays, and our first convention, Yama-con 2018!