Summer Season Begins....

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

On July 1 we saw the release of the first of the summer anime. Let's take a look at what we have so far.


Based off the visual novel Island is set in Urashima, an Island far from the mainland. It follows Setsuna Sanzenkai, who washed ashore having lost his memory and his clothes. His chance meeting with the girls from families on the island will lead to a mystery being unraveled as Setsuna struggles to remember his past. The visual novel is available for Windows, PS Vita and PS4 having been released in 2016. It has also been adapted to manga as a crossover of NyaroMelon's Berlin wa Kane.

We watched the first episode and are on the fence still. Guess it is time for the 3 episode rule.


This anime has a lot of drama, in a good way. Based off of the 2013-present manga Hanebado!, it follows the badminton team of Kitakomachi High School. With their captain, Nagisa, they will push themselves to make a winning team through exhausting practices, until Ayano, the one crushing defeat that Nagisa carries with herself, comes into the picture. Ayano, unlike Nagisa, has natural talent that makes her play seem effortless. The animation is above par and surprisingly, the drama is enticing. We will follow Nagisa to see how this story unfolds.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Last, but not least Goku and Vegeta return in Dragon Ball Heroes. This anime will follow the game's "Prison Planet" arc. Goku and Vegeta's training with Whis and Beerus is interrupted by Mai, who says Trunks has been captured. Enter Fu, who appears suddenly to confirm Mai's claim. Goku and Vegeta head to the prison planet to rescue Trunks only to fall into a trap. These episodes run much shorter than regular, being promotional episodes. A little Dragon Ball is better than none, right?

Which new anime did you like? Which ones are you looking forward to? Feel free to comment or start a discussion in our Forums page.