Psycho-Pass 3

Psycho-Pass Season 3

One of our favorite anime returns for a third season. After the launch of the Sinners of the System movies, Production IG announced the release of the third season of Psycho-Pass. Fans will need to watch the Sinners of the System movies to understand the set-up for season 3.

As fans of Psycho-Pass (it is listed in our top-10 anime on our favorites page), our expectations were high after watching the Sinners of the System movies (currently on our audio and video page), and we were not disappointed. Season 3 starts by following newly assigned detectives Kei and Arata who are investigating what they assume is a plane crash. In the time of Sibyl it is exceptionally rare for a plane to crash. Both have been friends since childhood with Kei having a military background and Arata having the specialized skills of a mentalist. The duo meet the new chief Mika Shimotsuki, who Sibyl has recently given the job to as the former chief only appears briefly before the new detectives arrive. Arata and Kei quickly discover there was much more to the crash than what was originally reported.

This new season has some new characters and an absence of Akane, who is shown in the credits locked in a cell awaiting judgment. We are huge fans of Psycho-Pass so we warmed up to the intrigue and mystery of this latest installment. Anime watchers that have never seen Psycho-Pass will be lost starting the third season, as would fans who have yet to see the Sinners of the System trilogy. Psycho-Pass still carries the dystopian touch but with some more detail to the citizens class system. Season 3 will only be 8 episodes long but each episode will have a running time of 45 minutes.

If you're a fan of the Psycho-Pass franchise, you will love the third season. Fans of sci-fi that are new to the series will love the dystopian setting and hidden secrets told in previous seasons. We could not miss a chance to see this latest addition to Psycho-Pass and we feel that if you have seen previous seasons this one will not disappoint.