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Ore o Suki nano wa Omae dake kayo (OreSuki)

OreSuki (Are you really the only one who likes me?)

Ore o Suki nano wa Omae dake kayo or OreSuki is about Joro, a second year student at his school who is invited on a date by the Student Council President, Cosmos. He excitedly accepts and heads home. When he get's there, he is greeted by another invitation by his childhood friend, Himawari. He tells her he is busy Saturday, so sh insists on Sunday. He accepts. On his date with Cosmos she asks him to sit next to her on a bench. Then, she tells him there is this person she really likes. Joro is expectantly thinking she is going to confess her love for him, but is disappointed when she proclaims her love for his best friend Sun-chan. The next day on his date with Himawari, things begin to follow a familiar pattern. Once again Joro's feelings are crushed by his friend who proclaims her love for his best friend. Reluctantly he agrees to help both of them with their love interest, on the thought that he might have a chance at the one who is turned down. The next day at school is just as bad as he expected, having to help two girls he likes, get closer to his best friend. In an attempt to get a break from their persistent calls for help, Joro hides in the library. The one place they wouldn't look for him. Also the one place populated by the girl he thinks, hates him. Surprisingly this librarian asks him to take a seat on the bench...a request he is all too familiar with. Where, she confesses her love of him. Not the side of him that he shows to everyone to be polite, but the dark side of him that feels betrayed and used by Cosmos and Himawari. He tries to blow her off and she threatens to let his friends know his true thoughts. He's trapped. She agrees to keep his secrets safe, as long as he agrees to see her everyday in the library. And so, the story begins...

This anime has all the markings of a funny rom com. It is hard to watch the first episode and NOT want to see how this story will play out.

OreSuki is a romantic comedy light novel series written by Rakuda and illustrated by Buriki. With 11 volumes already finished since 2016, there is plenty of material to make this anime run a few seasons easily. We will be watching to see how Joro deals with his newly found love interest and the situation he put himself into with Himawari and Comsos.

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