Neflix's Cowboy Bebop Live Action Adaptation

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Faye Valentine "RE-IMAGINED" by Netflix

And so the saga of the West destroying Manga and Anime continues. If you haven't seen or heard the complaints on social media, Netflix has released stills from it's upcoming "adaptation" (see re-imagined or changed) of Cowboy Bebop. Our problem isn't just the costumes it is the fact that a beloved anime is going to be contaminated by "woke" politics and injected with a lethal dose of political propaganda and political correctness. (As seen in Netflix's last dumpster fire : He-Man Revelations)

Let's start with the cast. First up, Spike Spiegel. In the name of "diversity" and avoidance of "cultural appropriation", Netflix chose to cast Harold, of Harold and Kumar, as SPIKE SPIEGEL. With a name like Spike Spiegel, you wouldn't think Asian, but in the name of diversity and to virtue signal their activist cohorts, Netflix made Spike asian. This would be something we could overlook if we didn't see FAYE VALENTINE portrayed by a short, snotty, "latinx". Fans pointed out that Faye's costume and actress not even remotely looking like Faye. She replied with snark and arrogance by telling fans "they couldn't find a 6ft. tall actress with double d's". Even though Faye isn't 6ft. tall, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of actresses in California that fit this bill. This highlights the crew and cast's lack of knowledge of the original anime and their disgust and dislike of the fans who enjoyed the original anime.

Many fans have legitimately criticized the costume choice for Faye on social media, in which the actress replied with snark and elitism, as mentioned above. First the casting of Spike as an Asian, then Faye as a Mexican, as the actress identifies as. We haven't even seen Edward yet. We're guessing transgender or cross-dresser. It reveals that the cast and crew have never even bothered to watch Cowboy Bebop, which is a common trend in Hollywood. Complete disregard to the source material and fans. We knew this was going to be a trainwreck when Netflix chose to make the "adaptation"(see woke re-imagining).

Netflix, in the name of "wokeness", political correctness and diversity, decided to rid the cast of any dreaded white characters, choosing to re-cast a more diverse cast. If their motives weren't political in nature, this could be overlooked. Like casting a big named actor or a better fitting one. (I can't look at Netflix's Spike without thinking of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle). They could have made a new movie like this, just say it was inspired by Cowboy Bebop instead, that would make their casting and costume choices appropriate, but they chose an already existing source material with a large fan base. Fans can't help but to have even the slightest of expectations. These casting and costume choices were only done to virtue signal to the same people who thought "Cuties" was family friendly, brave and bold. Spike, whether it is politically correct or not, has a European name, as with Faye. What we have seen already is bait and switch. They advertised Cowboy Bebop, but what we are getting is far from it. We are getting the "woke" live action version of what they are calling Cowboy Bebop but looks more akin to Cyberpunk 2077.

Here, at Meganime, we make it a top priority to avoid pushing politics in our anime. (Thus our hatred of Netflix and CrunchyRoll - both notorious for censorship and injecting politics into anime). Anime is meant to be an escape from the real world. But, unfortunately, one side has invaded and spread like cancer across every entertainment platform. Sports, books, movies, television, art and even the news has been corrupted and injected with political views. Anime, is the last refuge for the weary and downtrodden. Luckily, for anime and manga fans, it is based in Japan, where "political correctness" and "wokeness" has been barred a place or platform. This is why we created Meganime. To provide a place free of political views and virtue signaling how woke we are. A place just for anime and manga fans. A place to escape from politics.

Original Cowboy Bebop cast

Our opinion on ANY "adaptation" or "live action" movie coming from Hollywood, is to avoid it. By the end, you will be angry and frustrated that the remake is nothing like the original. So to those worried about the costume choice for Faye, keep in mind they haven't even shown us Edward yet or the plot synopsis. (Nod to on Youtube for pointing out Edward) This could be because the first stills they shown us was just to test the waters, to see if fans would agree to their changes. They don't gage success of a movie by the fans approval, instead choosing to go by how much controversy and "rage-bait" headlines they get from their cohorts in the so-called media. Netflix has already shown us they do NOT respect the source material, instead choosing to show their "wokeness" to their activist buddies. (see He-man)This is the same reoccurring problem every time when the West tries to "adapt" anime or manga for western audiences.

They don't have to do that. Fans liked the original. You don't have to change it to get a larger audience. The original work will draw in the crowds. Word of mouth goes a long way, and right now anime and manga is the talk of the town. It is just greed and politics being forced on viewers, plain and simple. They did this with Ghost in the Shell and it failed, miserably. There is so much potential to create something that would appeal to everyone, but producers and writers choose the path that is easiest to get studio and activist approval rather than staying true to the source material. Faye had sex appeal and used her looks many times in the anime, but don't expect to see anything close to that in this woke remake.

If you are looking for a Live Action Anime that is true to the source material, we suggest Parasyte, which we will put in our Special Section on our video page. The changes to the story are minimal, the CGI works well and the acting is above par. But, anytime you hear that Hollywood or some big name director (Yes, you Kevin Smith - condolences to He-Man fans), is going to remake or adapt an anime for western audiences, that just means they are making it palatable for political activists. Avoid it like cancer. It won't make you feel good watching it, it won't make fans happy, and it won't make the creators happy, although their bank accounts will be. It will just be another piece of political propaganda disguised as a "movie" or "series" or "television show".

What is truly sad is that the writers and directors in Hollywood are so devoid of creativity and originality, that moviegoers are forced to endure endless remakes, adaptations and sequels. There are so many great anime worthy of "live action", but only if they stay true to the source material and leave their politics at the door. Psycho-Pass, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Re-Life and many more would make great movies.(the list is long) CGI in Hollywood is the best when compared to the rest of the world, unfortunately directors and producers can't resist the urge to inject their politics in the product. Japan has better writers, directors and voice-actors. If Hollywood wants to do a live action anime, maybe they should do the CGI and budget in Hollywood, even bring in big name actors, but leave the writing and directing to Japan, where it belongs.

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