Mahou Shoujo Site

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

This horror anime is based off the magical girl horror shōnen manga series from 2014 by Kentarō Satō. Middle School student, Aya Asagiri, has a sad and difficult life. She is being bullied horrendously at school by a group of girls, from getting her head shoved in a toilet to having razor blades and tacks put in her shoes, Aya can hardly survive the abuse she receives at school. Her home life isn't any better being on the receiving end of her brother's punches and torture. She feels that she is ready to give up on her life, until a website mysteriously appears on her computer one night.

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Mahou Shoujo Site

The website offers to make her a magical girl and give her a magical weapon, a gun with a heart shaped barrel. Her life drastically changes after that and the true mystery is revealed. This anime isn't your typical magical girl anime. It is brutally violent with its torture and beating scenes. It easily qualifies to be included in our Splaturday posts and it is one we are going to follow intently.

Note: Splaturday is a month long celebration of horror genre anime occurring in October.