Updated: Mar 31, 2018

What if you could stop time? Think of all the possibilities that would be available to you. For the Yukawa family, this is the reality they deal with in Kokkoku.

As the story begins we meet Juri, who is currently interviewing for a job. Her family, in a sense of realism, is also unemployed. Her dad, Takafumi, spends his days watching his son, Tsubasa (a typical NEET that is also unemployed), play endlessly on his gaming system. You start to feel sympathetic towards Juri, who is the only person in the home looking for work, although unsuccessfully.

Note: They mention that Juri has a sister, who doesn't appear in the anime, who works to support her son Makoto. The sister doesn't live in the same home as the rest of the Yukawa family.

Juri asks her NEET brother Tsubasa to get out of the house and pick up his nephew Makoto from school. (Which has some comedic moments) While walking back home, Tsubasa and Makoto are kidnapped and held for ransom. Which gets the story kic