Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (Redo of Healer)

Well, we couldn't let this pass without giving our review. Imagine High School DxD but with a straight forward approach to fanservice and sex. There was some of the usual complaints from the rich white kids when Redo of Healer was announced for an anime adaptation, but they had little to no success in their complaining. It was a given that this wouldn't get the Crunchyroll or Funimation distribution and hype, but given the content it was assumed that they'd ignore it.

Now, in our opinion, it IS over the top on sex, rape, sodomy and fanservice. This just barely misses the hentai genre, and is not for the casual anime watcher. There is a megaton load of shock value for anime fans. The sex is toned down in the later episodes in order to forward the plot but the first couple episodes seem like watching anime porn. As far as the story goes, it is a creative story. The main character, Keyaru, is blessed with the hero's insignia when he comes of age. The king sends the other heroes out to retrieve him when they get word of a new hero being designated. After being examined by the king's alchemist, they learn that Keyaru is a "healing hero", one of the strongest heroes in the land. They exploit Keyaru for his ability and naivete, both literally and sexually. They get him addicted to drugs in order to subdue his mind and keep his power in their control.

He survives years of being sexually, mentally, and physically abused by the other heroes and the king's men/women. At the end of which the heroes gather to fight the Demon Lord. Each hero falls until only Keyaru is left standing. He decides, in a moment of clarity, that he will fight and defeat the Demon Lord himself. Meanwhile the fallen heroes are demanding him to heal their wounds.

He succeeds, where the 3 heroes failed, and defeats the Demon Lord himself, and obtains the legendary philosopher's stone, which grants him God-like power. The princess Flare, his main tormentor for the past years, demands he hands over the philosopher's stone to her. He refuses and uses the stone to "redo" the world back to the time before he gained hero status. It is in this action, that he exacts his revenge on all those who abused, tormented and tortured him and repair the world that has been corrupted by the King and his heroes. Thus the "Redo of Healer".

It is a story of redemption, revenge and restoration, except with A LOT of sexual content. It was as if the creator of Shinmai maou no testament (Testament of Sister New Devil) said "my anime will push the limits of sexual content in anime" and the creator of Redo of healer stepped up and said "hold my beer".

Redo of Healer has rape scenes, sodomy, sexual humiliation, sexual mutilation, torture and abuse, but beyond that, there is a plot of revenge and redemption. It is DEFINITELY not for kids. Similar to High School DxD, there is a good story that gets lost in the early episodes but becomes apparent as the season progresses.

We did feature this in our first live stream, as per fan/followers request. We have seen ecchi anime, endured many hentai but will admit that this anime, left us shocked when we heard it was getting anime adaptation. But as with many hentai, it is a starting point for many new, talented writers and artists who go on to create bigger and better anime. We expect great things from writer, Rui Tsukiyo, illustrator, Shiokonbu and manga artist, Sōken Haga. The fantasy light novel lasted for 9 volumes since 2017. So we'll be keeping our eyes out for their next project.