Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Based on the manga by Masao Ōtake, Hinamatsuri (Doll's Day or Girl's Day) follows Yoshifumi Nitta, a soldier for the Yakuza. One day while admiring his vase collection, a strange egg shaped box appears and falls on Yoshifumi's head. Restrained in the box is Hina, a girl with telekinetic powers. Upon Hina's request Yoshifumi releases Hina from the box, and onto his life.


Yoshifumi realizes that Hina's powers can come in handy for him and the yakuza. Hina requests things of Yoshifumi that she was never allowed before, eluding to a life prior to meeting Yoshifumi. He buys her clothes, sends her to school and in return, she helps him with the jobs the Yakuza asks of him. It is an interesting story, so we will follow the 3 episode rule, if it starts to get boring by the third episode, drop it.

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