Goblin Slayer

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

goblin slayer wallpaper
Goblin Slayer

I was going to hold off on posting about this anime until I had time to hash out the details but due to the outrage currently over the first episode, I will now. Yes it is dark, yes it is brutal and YES it is graphic. The name should say it all but apparently there is a group of people trying to censor any references to it on YouTube and Twitter because they think it is too graphic. To those people I say, watch something else. This anime is based off the graphic light novel and manga which were brutal as well. If you are looking for action, blood, guts and maybe a hint of reality then watch this. If not, then go back to Hello Kitty. This is not an anime for the faint of heart. We will watch this to its bloody conclusion and hope you do too.

This is another anime targeted by easily offended people to be censored and edited for streaming through Crunchyroll. (No surprise there) Once again, adding to the list of why we hate Crunchyroll and suggest using a different site to watch the newest UNEDITED episodes.