Based off the 1960's manga by Osamu Tezuka , Dororo follows the son of Daigō Kagemitsu, a leader looking for fame and power. In his quest Daigo makes a pact with 48 demons. He offers anything they want in exchange for protection of his people, who have been suffering under crop failure and drought, and the power he has been seeking. The day of his son's birth the demons collect payment, taking the newborn's skin, eyes, ears, limbs and organs. Yet, the child survived under the grace of Buddah. Next we see his unnamed son 16 years later roaming the countryside as a ronin. He meets up with Dororo, an orphan child that survives by ripping off "fools". It seems to follow the theme of killing demons in order to regain his humanity. This anime starts off disturbing but is very addictive. It contains action, comedy, horror and supernatural aspects. After watching the first episode twice, yes it is that good, we are eagerly waiting for the next episode.

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