Dorohedoro is just what we were looking for this season (Winter 2020). Based on the manga by Q Hayashida Dorohedoro has that certain Akira feel to it. Partly do to the animation but also because of the city, Hole, that it takes place in. Hole is dark, decrepit and similar to the Old Tokyo in Akira. It serves as the testing ground for magic users who only come there to use it's citizens as guinea pigs for their magic. The story follows Kaiman, a young man who fell prey to the magic users, lost his memories and has a lizard head to boot. His only companion, Nikaidou, muscular yet well-endowed female, stays by his side as he hunts down magic users in an attempt to find the one who took his memories and gave him a lizard head, which he hides under a gas mask at times.

This anime is very violent and contains adult language (which pulled us in like a tractor beam). It covers the Action, Comedy, Fantasy and Horror genres. The manga began January 30 of 2002 and the last semi-annual edition came out September 19 of 2019. Fans of the more adult plots and violence will love it as much as we do. We knew from first glance that this was a keeper for us, especially after reading the manga. For those interested in checking out manga it can be found on or other online manga sites.