Date a Live III

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

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Date a Live III

Shido Itsuka returns in the third season of Date a Live. The episodes start with the girls expressing their love for Shido by making him some nabe, with each putting their favorite food into it. Surprisingly, it came out tasting good, although looked awful. A spatial quake occurs and Shido is put back into action. His skills are put to the test as a new spirit, Natsumi enters the story. She appears in witches clothing and a knack for becoming a perfect copy of other people. Upon meeting her, Shido accidentally sees her in her underwear, after she sneezes. In true anime form, this outrages Natsumi and she swears to "end his life". She attempts to imitate him at his school and reeking havoc but thankfully Origami and Tohka were able to spot the imitation. The first episode ends with her sending him pictures of all his friends and telling him to figure out which one she has replaced. Fans are rejoicing at the start of the third season. We will be tuning in and hope you do too.

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Date A Live III