Darling in the FranXX

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

A new anime arrives, a clever mix of MECHA, comedy, romance and action. Oh, I can't forget the next Best Girl with a sweet tooth, Zero Two.

While the title brings up thoughts of a certain colorful family from a black and white television show long ago, Darling in the FranXX has been well received across the globe. Will it be the next big hit, doubtful? It will hold a very memorable character though. The ever dominant Zero Two.

"Let me get a taste of you. You are now My Darling!"

With it's overtly sexual overtones Darling in the FranXX is reminiscent of the Evangelion of the past, except a bit more bold in some respects. FranXX are the mecha that are piloted by a pistil and stamen, a boy and girl (yeah, I know). Their piloting positions inside the FranXX would make modern feminists seethe with anger and mothers aghast at the sexual overtones.

It is set in a distant future. Civilization has moved from the cities into mobile fortresses called plantations. The children of the future pilot the FranXX, to defend the elders from all sorts of futuristic mechanical beasts, called Klaxasaur, that now roam the wasteland. The story centers around Hiro, a kid who was found to be incompatible with his designated co-pilot (pistil). He yearns to be a pilot, to touch the sky, or in his mind be useful. Enter Zero-Two, a girl with Klaxasaur blood, (the horns give it away), who has built the reputation of being a "partner killer" because of the untimely demise of her co-pilots. She soon sets her sights on Hiro.

This anime was well received and has become very popular according to several polls. The sexual overtones, brash and bold as they are, may be the key to its popularity. Some episodes seem to pull at the romantics viewing, while others pull at the ecchi crowd. So far the action scenes are mediocre and predictable, but I suspect many are not viewing for the mecha action sequences. (wink wink)

Overall I would give this anime 4 out of 5 stars, and of course, Zero Two would get 5 out of 5. Let me know your thoughts on this anime or its review. We will try to give as few spoilers as possible with each review.