Black Fox Movie

Black Fox Movie

Well, this is an upcoming film produced by 3Hz. Crunchyroll, unfortunately, will be streaming the film October 4th. For our own reasons, we are not fans of Crunchyroll or Funimation, see previous posts about this topic. We just watched the preview episode and it is impressive. It has the classic tell tale signs of a superhero movie. Family killed, access to massive technological advances, previous combat training....sounds like Batman, right?

This is Black Fox. It starts just like this:

It looks good. Granted it seems to follow the Batman pattern but nevertheless, we're giving it a thumbs up. So if you want to see the full preview it will be available on our audio and video page. Members can head right over and watch. If you haven't become a member sign up and head over to view it while we have it up. We are only going to leave it up until Sunday morning when we will post the new Meganime pick. So, head on over while you can.

Black Fox Movie

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