Batman Ninja

Yes, as many times as Hollywood has ruined anime by trying to create a movie, Japan succeeds where they have failed, over and over. Batman has crossed over to the world of anime. It still holds true to the original work (unlike Hollywood). Here we find Batman fighting the villains of Gotham in ancient Japan.

Batman Ninja

As we have seen Hollywood sabotage anime by changing the stories so far from the original that fans are disgusted because it is no longer recognizable, we see Japan pull off what Hollywood failed to do, create a crossover for their market but stay true to the original work. This is where Hollywood has their flaws. They no longer respect any work outside of Hollywood, (as seen in DragonBall, Ghost in the Shell, The Last Airbender...and so on). Japan not only has the superior writers and voice actors, but they actually respect others work, as seen in Batman Ninja. It has all the elements you'd expect to see in a DC comics superhero movie, with many of the elements you would expect from an anime. It has great action, all the cheesy lines you'd expect from Batman villains, Mecha fighters, CGI and unlike Hollywood, an original plot and story. We thought this was a good crossover and has what DC comic fans have grown to expect from a Batman story, with pretty cool Japanese flourishes added to the story. If you are a fan of Batman and anime, Batman Ninja doesn't disappoint.

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