Banana Fish

Not as silly as the title leads, Banana Fish has grit and a great storyline. We anticipated this would be a great anime after reading the synopsis. The first episode starts fast out of the gate with some American soldiers in a war zone talking about the mysterious new drug. In comes Griffin, who the others were worried about, who calmly walks to his rifle, loads it and opens fire on his comrades. After being subdued (getting shot in both legs) they ask him if he knows who they are. He can only muster two words.....Banana Fish.

Banana Fish is produced by MAPPA studio which brought us titles like Zankyou no Terror, Yuri!!! on Ice, and Kakegurui. So you can see that the studio has produced some epic anime. Banana Fish is no exception. It has mystery and intrigue that grabs you from the first scene and holds you through the entire episode. This is absolutely a winner in our book and we anxiously await episode 2.