Back Street Girls:Gokudolls

back street girls promotional picture
Back Street Girls : Gokudolls

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended, this anime is not for you.

Now that is out of the way....This anime was not what we expected. From J.C.Staff we get three yakuza cross the boss (details of what they did are vague at this time), instead of killing them he offers them two choices. Become idols or he will sell their internal organs, with only 5 seconds to decide the guys are off to Thailand for sex reassignment surgery. This is where we were worried about the comedy aspect. The angle the anime takes (having male internal dialog) is having the girls act like guys. There are many parts that had us doing spit takes. We think this anime has the laughs to be a top 10 this season but some may take offense to the humor. The best advice we can give is to watch the first episode. If your feelings are hurt or you are upset then don't watch it. Meanwhile, we are going to follow the "girls" to the end of the season and hope you do too.

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