Asobi Asobase (Workshop of Fun)

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Asobi Asobase (Workshop of fun)

It is a little late in the summer season to be posting about an anime that is nearly finished airing, but we feel that some of the laughs in Asobi Asobase (Workshop of Fun) warranted a review. That being said, it is difficult to watch this and not think of a spin off of Daily Lives of High School Boys but just misses the mark (they set the bar pretty high). It is a funny anime and worthy of a look. The episodes, like Daily Lives, are broken into 3 or 4 short skits that involve the 3 main characters, Olivia, Kasumi and Hanako as they go through their days in middle school. It may just be our loyalty to the original that is jading our review or maybe it's not. Go ahead and take a look, and you decide.