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Changes are coming!

We have a lot in store for our friends, followers and fans. The most current changes are our Meganime Live Streams (Every Saturday night 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (Unless changes are noted on home page)), and language translation abilities. Yes, you can now read Meganime in your own language. If your language is not on the list, contact us through Twitter or via email at meganime@protonmail.com .

We are also going to have our largest giveaway to date. It will be loaded with anime swag. We are also working on our Meganime YouTube channel which will feature our very own avatar (to be named later). Those videos will be anime reviews and news and will be shared on our Twitch channel as well. Any XBox gamers that want to catch us when we are gaming can add us at Meganime#4750. As always, check out our latest reviews and video library while you are here.

We have a lot planned as we continue to improve Meganime for our fans and followers. Be sure to check back to find our latest stream, review and news!

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