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Ecchi Week x 2

TLRD 4.jpg

Stuck indoors or busy practicing social distancing? Why not take advantage of that privacy and enjoy some Ecchi anime for the next 2 weeks?It's Ecchi week (times 2) here at Meganime so the latest Meganime pick is the over the top harem/comedy/ecchi/school anime, To Love Ru Darkness.  It is the 3rd series of To Love Ru.  Our editor Charles just wrote a review of the orignal series To Love Ru , be sure to check it out.

To Love Ru Darkness brings back the all characters of the previous 2 series of To Love Ru. It focuses attention on Lala's younger sister Momo and Rito. It is NSFW (most of us are off work/school anyhow) and the humor is over the top. By the end you will be claiming Momo as the new waifu. So Grab some snacks, dim the lights, (lock the door if you're in the bedroom) and let's watch To Love Ru Darkness.

Next Week we will be  airing the controversial anime Interspecies Reviewers (complete season uncensored) along with some other surprises on our video page.

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